The Inefficient Marketing Strategy That Works

A lot of firms struggle with their marketing, especially startup firms that are unsure where to focus their efforts.

In this week’s episode, I’ll share a marketing strategy that might be inefficient but works and how you can leverage it to the fullest.

Listen below.

1:22 Many firm owners turn to Facebook or Google ads for quick marketing success but get negative ROI.

2:37 If you’re a startup firm, focus on in-person networking while you develop your digital marketing strategy.

3:00 I started Future Firm by doing in-person networking before my digital marketing started rolling.

3:10 Just use Google or to find different business networking events.

3:34 Practice your elevator pitch before going to these events.

3:49 If you are starting an email newsletter, a good place to start building your email list is at networking events.

4:09 Connect with people on LinkedIn or other social media platforms following the event.

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The Inefficient Marketing Strategy That Works

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