In today’s podcast episode, I want to talk about a topic that every firm owner is thinking about: how do I easily get more clients.

Show Notes

1:07 – Let me share with you my favorite 1-2 punch marketing strategy that allowed my last accounting firm to grow quickly together with Future Firm ®.

1:38 – Previously in episode 42, I mentioned how important it is to understand your value proposition and your ideal client profile before starting any marketing efforts.

2:20 – Only by targeting audiences can you generate predictable business, and there are 2 ways to do that.

2:28 – First, create your own audience and then tap into it. Second, take advantage of other people’s audiences that already exist. Doing both simultaneously.

3:00 – It takes time to build your audience, but it will likely be one of the biggest assets in your firm if you can do it.

3:14 – At the same time, form partnerships with others who have audiences that contain the kind of clients you’re looking for.

3:47 – As a strategy, I take advantage of Google, which has the largest audience globally. And utilize SEO strategies that enable my website and blog posts to be easily found by Google.

5:15 – As I grow my own audience, I can leverage the audience of my partners to generate new business, which is what I do often with my partnership with Practice Ignition.

5:58 – Don’t be in a hurry with this process and take your time to build out your own audience.

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