Who Should You Hire Next?

Did you hire a new team member? Or are you planning to hire a new one? Let’s briefly talk about who you should be hiring next in today’s podcast episode.

0:28 – This episode was inspired by a Future Firm ® Accelerate member who runs a quickly-growing small firm and asked the community who they should hire next, a junior or a senior level person.

1:16 – When you add juniors to your team, you can bring in more clients, but then you are tasked with quality control, and escalations will be all you.

1:47 – Meanwhile, it will take a hit to your margins to hire a more senior-level individual, but it is the only way to get out of the weeds. Someone overseeing your work on your behalf without you having to do it.

2:57 – The top down approach worked very well for me, and it’s the approach I recommend if you’re serious about scaling your firm.

3:13 – Cash flow and the difficulty of attracting senior-level talent are risks of a top-down approach, particularly if your firm is small.

3:53 – Nevertheless, everything you do in your business is an investment. Consider the return on investment of any expenditure.

4:20 – To determine who you should hire next, consider the tasks that take up most of your time and rank them according to how much time they take up, likely a more senior person will be needed for them instead of a junior.

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Who Should You Hire Next?

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