7 Innovative Ideas to Level Up Your Firm’s Customer Experience

In the previous episode, I discussed the idea of prioritizing your firm’s customer experience over concentrating solely on marketing, emphasizing that a positive customer experience inherently influences effective marketing strategies. This time, I’ll discuss the various approaches for enhancing your firm’s customer experience in greater detail.

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1:02 – Back when I was running my firm, I believe one thing I excelled at was placing customer experience at the forefront during its launch.

2:04 – I re-imagined the customer experience by eliminating pain points. This, in turn, cultivated a loyal customer base and effortlessly boosted our visibility.

2:50 – It’s worth noting that some of these ideas may require innovation and trial-and-error. They might not always be easy or practical. The goal here is to encourage you to approach things with a different perspective.

3:00 – Idea 1 — Consider hiring a virtual assistant for each client, incorporating the VA’s cost into their respective packages.

3:19 – Idea 2 — Create a gamified financial education series by creating interactive modules that engage and educate clients on diverse financial topics.

3:36 – Idea 3 — Develop a voice-activated series on smart home devices, allowing clients convenient access to your firm and their financial information while on the go.

3:55 – Idea 4 — Incorporate a chatbot on your website for fast inquiries with your firm. While some firms have already adopted this, it’s important to note that responses are often generic.

4:13 – Idea 5 — Send AI-driven personalized tax alerts analyzing clients’ financial data for hyper-personalized tax-saving tips and deduction alerts throughout the year.

4:26 – Idea 6 — Establish an engaging and interactive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) platform.

4:39 – Idea 7 — Grow an online community for your clients, which I discussed in episode 122.

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7 Innovative Ideas to Level Up Your Firm’s Customer Experience

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